Zen & Sea is inspired by our profound appreciation for zen wisdom and aesthetics and the magnificent beauty of nature around us.  It is in this appreciation that we find solace which brings forth peace from within.

     Zen & Sea embodies a passion, vision, and a purpose.  It has been our inspiration in going through life’s struggles.  We aspire to impart this inspiration with every life that we touch and with every soul we encounter.  Zen & Sea is a culmination of the journey we have been through and will still go through in life.

     Despite the many barriers that separate us from each other, Zen & Sea envisions to build a community who thrives to make this world a better place.  This blog site was created to be a refuge from the daily demands of our busy lives and unite us all in this sanctuary of peace, wisdom, and harmony.

     We invite you to walk with us on this journey and be our inspiration for inspiring others.


Angela Antonio, Founder/Imagineer

Angela Antonio, a native of Manila, Philippines, started her career as a marketing executive in the airline-tourism industry.  In her pursuit of serving humanity, Angela entered the education field and earned her master’s degree in Special Education from University of Nevada-Las Vegas. As Angela aspires to live her passion, vision, and purpose—Zen & Sea came to life. Angela founded and conceptualized Zen & Sea in summer 2006.  Angela enjoys traveling, cooking, crafting,  music, yoga/meditation, and nature trips.  You can connect with Angela on LinkedIn and Twitter.